Try out sked for 2016 Tournament 12

By T.J. Burton

Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Academy has set its schedule of try out dates for the annual Tournament 12 for 2016: 

The Prairies will try and defend its title. 
Tryout camp schedule

Monday, May 9th – Toronto T12 Tryout (Rogers Centre)
Tuesday, May 10th – Toronto T12 Tryout (Rogers Centre)
Wednesday, May 11th – Toronto T12 Tryout (Rogers Centre)
Thursday, May 12th – Toronto T12 Tryout (Rogers Centre)
Friday, May 13th – Toronto T12 Tryout (Rogers Centre)
Friday, July 8th – T12 Atlantic Tryout Tournament (Moncton)
Saturday, July 9th – T12 Atlantic Tryout Tournament (Moncton)
Sunday, July 10th – T12 Atlantic Tryout Tournament (Moncton)
Wednesday, July 13th –Alberta T12 Tryout (Okotoks)
Friday, July 15th – BC T12 Tryout (Abbotsford)
Monday, July 18th –Saskatchewan T12 Tryout (Saskatoon)
Wednesday, July 20th –Manitoba T12 Tryout (Winnipeg)
Tuesday, July 26th – Ontario T12 Tryout (Ottawa)
Thursday, July 28th – Quebec T12 Tryout (Montreal)
Wednesday, August 17th – Final T12 Tryout (Ajax)- Invite Only
Thursday, August 18th – Final T12 Tryout (Ajax)- Invite Only
Friday, August 19th – Final T12 Tryout (Ajax)- Invite Only
Wednesday, September 14th – Tournament 12 (Rogers Centre)
Thursday, September 15th – Tournament 12 (Rogers Centre)
Friday, September 16th – Tournament 12 (Rogers Centre)
Saturday, September 17th – Tournament 12 (Rogers Centre)
Sunday, September 18th – Tournament 12 (Rogers Centre)
Monday, September 19th – Tournament 12 (Rogers Centre)

Registration will open next week.

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