Jay Blue: Giving the Bisons lineup a long, in depth look

Buffalo Bisons Opening Day Roster
By Jay Blue
Blue Jays from Away

The Blue Jays released their minor league opening day rosters today and we’ll be bringing them to you over the next few days with our thoughts . . . and we’ll also look at how we did in our predictions!

Starting Pitchers
Scott Copeland
Scott Diamond
Drew Hutchison
Wade LeBlanc

What? Four starters? I did see something about the Blue Jays having Chris Leroux be a starter in Buffalo and that would take care of the five-starter question.

How did we do?

Three out of five. We had Copeland, Diamond and Hutchison while Roberto Hernandez has opted out (or was released) and we thought Chad Jenkins was going to be a starter where Wade LeBlanc takes the job. I only realized how the Blue Jays were going to use them when I was in Dunedin and noticed that Jenkins was being used in a relief role there and LeBlanc was racking up the innings.

David Aardsma
Dustin Antolin
Chad Girodo
Chad Jenkins
Pat McCoy
Ben Rowen
Ryan Tepera
Pat Venditte

Blake McFarland and Bobby Korecky (DL)

How did we do?

Seven out of 10. Well, we had Aardsma, Girodo, McCoy, Rowen and Tepera (as well as Korecky and McFarland) in the Buffalo bullpen. The big surprise is Dustin Antolin and congrats for him. He’s always been a guy who has done well without much fanfare. We also predicted Randy Choate to stick around (but he was released from his contract). The other major difference is that we thought Venditte would stick on the majors and Arnold Leon would be in Buffalo.

Humberto Quintero
Tony Sanchez

How did we do?

 Two out of two. We also said that A.J. Jimenez would be in Buffalo and he’s been designated for assignment. If he isn’t traded and clears waivers, then he’ll probably end up sent outright to Buffalo where Quintero will likely land on the DL.

David Adams
Andy Burns
Alexi Casilla
Matt Dominguez
Casey Kotchman
Jiovanni Mier
Jesus Montero (DH)

How did we do?
Six out of six. I’m not counting Jesus Montero who was added very late. This was a pretty easy one to call though, seeing as most of the players the Jays brought in as free agents are sticking around in Buffalo as insurance in case of injury. Burns had an excellent spring (as well as a good year in Buffalo) and after that, there’s no more room on the roster for more infielders.

Domonic Brown
Darrell Ceciliani
Junior Lake
Dalton Pompey

How did we do?
Three out of four. We thought Melky Mesa would be the fourth outfielder with Junior Lake sticking in the majors. It turns out that Lake got through waivers and the Blue Jays also sent down Ceciliani (who has options).

Overall, our prediction of the Buffalo roster was pretty accurate. A couple of unforeseen signings added Jesus Montero and Chris Leroux while Roberto Hernandez opted out (or was released, depending on how you look at it). I missed seeing Wade LeBlanc as a starter and thought Melky Mesa would start in Buffalo. Finally, seeing Dustin Antolin in Buffalo was a nice surprise.


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