Updated message from Bob Elliott - "Thank you"

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Canadian Baseball Network founder Bob Elliott has asked me (Kevin Glew) to forward the following message to the many who have contacted him over the past few days after his health scare at the Okotoks Dawgs Banquet and Fundraiser on Saturday.

Message from Bob Elliott

“Thank you to all of the Hall of Famers, ex-big league players, scouts, general managers, managers, coaches, colleagues and friends who have sent along their best wishes, regards and prayers via email, text or through phone calls over the past few days.

I wanted to provide you with a quick update. I’ve been in a lot of all-star clubhouses and I’m in another one right now with the doctors, the residents, the interns, the RNs, nursing assistants and all of the rest of the wonderful staff here. They’re looking after me really well.

I appreciate everyone who has reached out to me from the bottom of my heart. The only thing I would ask is maybe if we could cut down on the phone calls. There are a few other people here besides me and we should not tie up the phone lines.

I also wanted to say that I’m terribly sorry for forcing the cancellation of the remainder of Saturday’s Okotoks Dawgs Banquet and Fundraiser. I want to apologize to University of British Columbia Thunderbirds former coach Terry McKaig and Okotoks Dawgs backer Mike Rose. I feel terrible that they didn’t have a chance to receive their Hall of Fame honours. I also want to say sorry to the Dawgs players, their parents and the entire organization. It was sad that the graduating seniors did not have an opportunity to be presented with their awards.

I’m also sorry that I won’t be able to make the Conn Smythe dinner in Toronto on Wednesday where I was supposed to serve as one of the translators for John Gibbons (Texican to Canadian).

Unfortunately, I also won’t be able to attend the B.C. Baseball Coaches Convention or make a trip to McLeod Athletic Park in Langley, B.C. this weekend.

I have to say this is the most tests I’ve had since grade 12 at Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute (KCVI) and the best thing is I don’t have to study for them.

Saturday night was my first night in hospital since I left Kingston General Hospital walking my mother out the front door in 1949. Or maybe it was the other way around?

My family has been wonderful to me throughout this. I was talking to my eight-year-old grandson on Sunday and he said, “Don’t worry grampee. I’ll make you fell better. I’ll get you a shut out and everything will be better.”

I can’t say thank you enough to those who tended to me at the banquet on Saturday. Thank you also to Angela and Allen Cox, William (Diet Coke smuggler) Gardner, John Ircandia and Avery Buye — all of the Dawgs —plus cousins Wendy and captain Scott for showing me their Alberta hospitality. They have gone above and beyond to provide help for everyone since Saturday.

The doctors have been working on a plan as there was more than one issue going on …. one nurse said, “You are a complicated man, Mr. Elliott.”

I told my daughter Alicia, who replied “I could have given them that update in five minutes.”

I’ll try to get to the texts, email messages and phone messages I have received sometime soon. Was without a power cord Sunday ‘til Thursday — and just now on Friday — thanks to a daughter of a “roomie” gained access to the web … and the web site. It looks like Kevin has been doing a better job than I would anyway.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.