The Baseball Zone - Platinum Sponsor

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By Peter Bean

The Canadian Baseball Network is proud to announce The Baseball Zone has renewed their sponsorship for the 2013-14 season.

The Baseball Zone is The Canadian Baseball Network’s first sponsor. They have been supporting our efforts to cover Canadian baseball since 2009. Their support has played an integral role in the ongoing success of the site.

Without them CBN wouldn’t be the site it is today, covering baseball from sea to shining sea. So today, we are saying thanks … and celebrating another year of our partnership.

The 2013 season has been a major year of growth for the site as we have added:

- Some fantastic new writing talent as our team has grown. Check the contributors page.

- Popular new features like Canadian baseball player blogs; which this season saw two of our minor league bloggers make their big league debuts – Andrew Albers of the Minnesota Twins and Chris Robinson of the San Diego Padres. And not doubt their writing exploits helped them along the way.

- New multimedia features such as the Canadian Baseball Network Podcast.

- Our Canadian baseball video archive.

Our readership continues to grow and so does our coverage.

The CBN recently launched our first sponsorship campaign. This new campaign will allow us to provide more frequent coverage as well as expand our coverage into new areas of the country.

The Baseball Zone has signed on as a Platinum sponsor, our highest level. We wish to thank Mike McCarthy and Rick Johnston of The Baseball Zone for their past support, as well as for their renewed commitment to Canadian Baseball Network for the coming season.

Thank you.


If you are interested in supporting our efforts please contact Peter Bean at