Canadians selected in 2000

* INF Scott Thorman (Cambridge, Ont.) was the first Canadian selected in 2000 ....  

35 Canadians drafted in ... 2000

Round (Over-all) Club Position Name Home Town University/Team

1st (30th) Braves 3B Scott Thorman Cambridge, Ont. Team Ontario/Canadian Junior Team 6th (165th) Expos RHP Shawn Hill Georgetown, Ont. Etobicoke Rangers 9th (268th) Blue Jays 3B-OF Nom Siriveaw Vancouver, BC Eastern Oklahoma Jr. College 14th (402nd) Twins C Cory Agar Brandon, Man. Dunedin HS, Fla. 15th (440th) Angels LHP Geoff Smart Vernon, BC Penticton

17th (493th) Cubs RHP David Jablonski Calgary, Alta. Canadian National Junior Team 17th (510th) A’s RHP Rich Harden Victoria, BC Central Arizona Community College 17th (514th) Rangers RHP Andrew Myette Surrey, BC Walleye Chiefs 18th (538th) Blue Jays RHP Mark Perkins Victoria, BC Lake City Community College 19th (564th) Orioles INF Shayne Ridley Milton, Ont. Ball State University

19th (566th) Mariners RHP Tanner Watson Arnprior, Ont. Team Ontario/Canadian National Junior Team 19th (568th) Blue Jays C Alex Blackburn London, Ont. London Badgers 20th (592nd) White Sox RHP Etienne Ratte-Delorme St. Hubert, Que. Academie Baseball Canada 22nd (645th) Expos OF Jason Bay Trail, BC Gonzaga University 22nd (660th) A’s C John Suomi Etobicoke, Ont. College of the Caribou

26th (771st) Brewers RHP Michael Reiss Thornhill, Ont. Team Ontario 27th (792nd) Twins RHP Stephen Reiss Thornhill, Ont. Team Ontario 28th (845th) Mets 3B Justin Wendt Waterloo, Ont. Canadian Thunderbirds 30th (898th) Blue Jays RHP Lanny Patten Drayton Valley, Alta. Allan Hancock College 32nd (949th) Padres RHP Jamie Franey Shearstown, Nfld. Ascension College

33rd (987th) Dodgers OF Brad Jalbert Saskatoon, Sask. Canadian National Junior Team 34th (1007th) Rockies 1B Grant Mullen Corunna, Ont. Gordon College 34th (1018th) Blue Jays INF Jeremy Ridley Milton, Ont. Ball State University 34th (1020th) A’s RHP Robert Findlay Etobicoke, Ont. Seminole State Jr. College 34th (1025th) Mets RHP Tanner Osberg Red Deer, Alta. Calgary Dawgs

35th (1035th) Expos 3B Russell Martin Montreal, Que. Academie Baseball Canada/Canadian National Junior Team 36th (1077th) Dodgers OF Dustin Schroer Surrey, BC       Walleye Chiefs 40th (1185th)     Expos SS Ivan Naccarata Longueil, Que. Academie Baseball Canada/Canadian National Junior Team 41st (1217th)     Tigers LHP Jordan Gerk Kelowna, BC Oral Roberts University 41st (1233rd)     Mets C Verissimo Perreira   Montreal, Que. Academie Baseball Canada

43rd (1272nd)     Expos RHP Alexandre Groleau Longueil, Que. Seminole State Jr. College 43rd (1282nd) Dodgers RHP Daniel Desclouds Stittsville, Ont. Ottawa White Sox 43rd (1283rd) Blue Jays RHP Matt Kniginyzky Mississauga, Ont. High Park Braves/Ontario Blue Jays 48th (1408th) Rangers LHP Ryan Lupul Prince George, BC North Idaho College 49th (1423rd)     Dodgers RHP Shaun Kott Nipawin, Sask. Canadian National Junior Team

By province: Ontario 14, British Columbia 9, Quebec 5, Alberta 3, Saskatchewan 2, Manitoba 1, Newfoundland 1.

By team: 1 .Jays  6, 2. Expos  5, 3. Dodgers 4. A’s 3 Mets 3, Rangers 2, Twins 2, Angels 1, Braves 1, Brewers 1, Cubs 1, Mariners 1, Orioles 1, Padres 1, Rockies 1, Tigers 1, White Sox 1.