Canadins drafted in 2001

* OF Adam Stern (Port Stanley, Ont.) was the top Canadian drafted in 2001 ....    

45 Canadians drafted in ... in 2001

Round (Over-all) Club Position Name Home Town University/Team

3rd (105th) Braves OF Adam Stern Port Stanley, Ont. University of Nebraska 5th (148th)     Brewers RHP Judd Richardson Caledon, Ont. University of Miami Ohio 5th (159th)     Mariners 2B-OF John Cole Kanata, Ont. University of Nebraska 5th (160th) Dodgers RHP Steve Nelson Cole Harbour, NS Dartmouth Mooseheads 6th (181st) Blue Jays SS Lee Delfino Pickering, Ont. East Carolina University

7th (219th) Mariners RHP John Axford Port Dover, Ont. Team Ontario/Canadian National Junior Team 8th (241st) Blue Jays LHP Sean Grimes London, Ont. London Badgers/Canadian National Junior Team 12th (372nd) Mets OF Derran Watts Brampton, Ont. University of British Columbia 14th (424th) Blue Jays C David Corrente Chatham, Ont. Tecumseh/Team Ontario/Canadian National Junior Team 15th (437th) Twins RHP Brett Lawson Mississauga, Ont. Northwest Oklahoma State College

15th (455th) Yankees LHP John Picco La Salle, Ont. Villanova HS/Canadian National Junior Team 18th (547th) Indians RHP T.J. Burton Ottawa, Ont. Ottawa White Sox/Canadian National Junior Team 19th (579th) Mariners RHP Brian Sabourin Winnipeg, Man. Boni-Vital Sox 22nd (662nd) Marlins SS Jason Helps Wyoming, Ont. Central Michigan University 24th (730th) Dodgers LHP Ryan Lennerton Langley, BC Team BC/Canadian National Junior Team

24th (735th) Braves RHP Fred Wray Calgary, Alta. University of North Carolina-Wilmington 27th (811th) Blue Jays LHP Adam Daniels North Vancouver, BC North Shore Twins 28th (853rd) White Sox SS-RHP Jonathan Forest St. Hubert, Que. Academie Baseball Canada 29th (871st) Blue Jays RHP Mark McDonald Burlington, Ont. Team Ontario 29th (886th) Giants OF Matthew Huntingford Vancouver, BC Florida International University

31st (922nd) Expos LHP Jamieson Boulanger Montreal, Que. Concordia University 31st (940th) Dodgers RHP David Parker Winnipeg, Man. North Winnipeg Pirates/Canadian National Junior Team 32nd (952nd) Expos RHP Jean-Sebastien Varney St. Hubert, Que. Academie Baseball Canada 32nd (972nd) Mets C Cole Armstrong Surrey, BC Whalley Chiefs/Canadian National Junior Team 34th (1025th) Yankees RHP Chris Kemlo Oshawa, Ont. Team Ontario/Canadian National Junior Team

34th (1036th) Giants INF Aaron Hornostaj Waterloo, Ont. Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian National Junior Team 35th (1054th) Rockies RHP Jeff MacDonald Lacombe, Alta. Prairie Baseball Academy 37th (1120th) Dodgers OF Dustin Schroer Surrey, BC North Shore Twins 38th (1132nd) Expos LHP David Leclerc Laval, Que. Les Ailes du Quebec 38th (1151st) A’s RHP Rob Lacheur Delta, BC Prairie Baseball Academy

38th (1152nd) Mets LHP Luis Roberts Dartmouth, N.S. Nova Scotia Selects 40th (1207th) Indians LHP Aaron Russell Kitchener, Ont. Cerro Coso Jr. College 41st (1216th) Twins OF Ryan Pataro Barrie, Ont. Welland Renegades 42nd (1267th) Dodgers RHP Jordon Kissock Surrey, BC Whalley Chiefs 43rd (1286th) Blue Jays RHP Paul McDonald Burlington, Ont. Team Ontario

44th (1305th) Rangers RHP Andrew Myette Surrey, BC College of Southern Idaho 44th (1311th) Tigers RHP Philip Sobkow Calder, Sask. Butte Jr. College 44th (1314th) Blue Jays RHP Kevin Johnston Surrey, BC Whalley Chiefs 45th (1356th) Giants 1B Karl Amonite Essex, Ont. Connors State Jr. College 46th (1380th) Mets RHP Karnie Vertz Sherwood Park, Alta. Porterville Jr. College

47th (1406th) Dodgers RHP Devin Monds Ottawa, Ont. Ottawa White Sox/Can Junior Team 48th (1424th) Marlins INF Derek Hutton Montreal, Que. Palm Beach Gardens HS FLA 48th (1428th) Reds C Jeff Crinklaw Cambridge, Ont. Ohlone Jr. College 48th (1432nd) Dodgers RHP Danny Desclouds Stittsville, Ont. Connors State Jr. College 50th (1472nd) Blue Jays LHP Floyd Albert St. Catharines, Ont. Canadian Thunderbirds

By province: Ontario 23, British Columbia 9, Quebec 5, Alberta 3, Nova Scotia 2, Manitoba 2, Saskatchewan 1.

By team: 1. Jays 8, 2. Dodgers 7, 3. Mets 4. Expos 3, Giants 3, Mariners 3, Braves 2,  Indians 2, Marlins 2, Twins 2, Yankees 2, A’s 1, Brewers 1, Rangers 1, Reds 1, Rockies,  1, Tigers 1, White Sox 1.