In China Safely

By Stubby Clapp The team arrived last night at about 2:00 p.m. here in China which was the opposite of our side of the world.

The 14 hour flight wasn't that bad and the service on the flight was quite nice and my two seat partners were easy to chat with. One was a Major League Baseball scout, who said that he had seen me play my whole career since college and the other was a public relations worker for Team USA.

We flew from Raliegh-Durham N.C. to Washington D.C. and then over to China non stop. The food was edible and there were plenty of naps in between meals. Once we got here we had to suck it up for a couple more hours to try and get our own clocks adjusted to the time zone here.

We attended the flag ceremony where they raise our flag and officially announce that CANADA is in the Olympics. It would have been a little bit more emotional for all of us if we weren't working on limited sleep. When we arrived back at our condo from the ceremony there was a massive Canadian flag hanging from our building. This brought the chills to the skin and the emotions started to flow. It hung about four stories. We have definitely "Out Flagged," the rest of the countries in the village. CANADA 1 – "the Rest," 0.

Next, we'll talk about how much passion and pride that Canadians play baseball with.

Stubby Clapp Houston Astros Hitting Instructor CooperReese Childrens Boutique Owner