Happy campers: Morgan, Naylor, Lloyd, Ianni, Onyshko

*  LHP Ben Onyshko (Winnipeg, Man.), above, Vauxhall Jets, RHP Matt Ianni (Ottawa, Ont.) Ottawa-Nepean Canadians, OF Gareth Morgan (North York, Ont.) and 1B Josh Naylor (Mississauga, Ont.) both of Ontario Blue Jays, 1B-LHP Mitch Bigras (Sarnia, Ont.) Great Lake Canadians, SS Ryan Kula (Etobicoke, Ont.), Etobicoke bantams,and RHP-INF Matt Lloyd (Calgary, Alta.) Okotoks Dawgs were the best at the six Major League Bureau invite-only camps. ....  2014 Canadians in College Letters of Intent 2014 Canadian draft list 2013 Canadians in the Minors 2015 Canadian draft list


By Bob Elliott

They came from near.

They came from far.

Four stops in two days as the Major League Scouting Bureau invitational-only camps hit Ontario and then moved on to Alberta for two more.

Both scouts and players:

A total of 23 scouts from 16 major league teams and one Tournament-12 scout were on hand at one of the stopovers hosted by Walt Burrows (Brentwood Bay, BC).

Representatives from the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, Minnesota Twins, Kansas City Royals, Oakland A’s, Seattle Mariners, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks were making and notes and evaluating.

Besides Burrows only scouts Wayne Norton (Port Moody, BC) of the Seattle Mariners and Jamie Lehman (Brampton, Ont.) of the Toronto Blue Jays batted 1,000 going 6-for-6.

Often we hear “wait until next, this year? Not so good, but next year? Next year is going to be the year!”

We don’t often hear as one veteran scout said “the 2015 class may be the best we’ve seen in a long time.”

In all 62 players from 11 different elite teams and two OBA teams eligible to be drafted this June, 2015, 2016 and 2017 were identified

Let’s begin our tour, as we look at who impressed and what the scouts had to say ... some scouts commented on more than one, hence the multiple comments and some didn’t comment at all ....


Out of The Park Sports


2014 draft (three months away)

INF Luke Tevlin (Etobicoke, Ont.) Ontario Terriers. 

“Really quick bat, arm OK, interesting kid, would need to play 2B or C as a pro.”

“He's a hitter who does everything well but nothing great. Will be a very good college guy. Nothing pro about him but a very solid player.”


RHP Chance Nancoo (Ajax, Ont.) Ontario Cardinals.

“Quick arm, 87-89 MPH.”


2015 draft (15 months away)

RHP Matt Ianni (Ottawa, Ont.) Ottawa-Nepean Canadians/Canadian Junior National Team. Matt-Ianni

“89-90 MPH.”

“Has a big arm.”

“Monster man at 6-foot-8. Seems to have his body under control, repeating his delivery more often than not.”

“Big strong kid, 88-89 MPH for first 5-6 pitches, then around 85-86, a serious guy too watch. Looking forward to seeing him with Team Canada in Florida.”

“87-90 MPH with good command.”

“Looked outstanding and hit 91 MPH.”

“Hardest thrower, Good command with his fastball. Breaking ball needs to improve a lot. He threw about ten of them and none were good. Upside is high.”


OF Ian Wilson (Toronto, Ont.) Toronto Mets/Canadian Junior National Team.  

“A special bat, the bat has a real chance and the arm plays well.”

“Showed well in both hitting and fielding.. A lot of upside.”


1B Nickolon Dudhnath (Brampton, Ont.) Team Ontario.

“Left-handed hitter with power.”

“He put on a show in the cage, A lot of raw power. Struggled in the field.”


INF Ryohei Suzuki (Toronto, Ont.) Toronto Mets. 

“Hits leadoff most of the time but can hit third because of surprising power. Older brother at Concordia in Minneapolis.”


OF Eric Senior (North York) Toronto Mets

“Looks like he’s put on some size. looked good in the cage.”

2016 (27 months away)

C Andrew Yerzy (North York, Ont.) Toronto Mets/Canadian Junior National Team.  

“Good body and projects strength.”

“Looked good in the cage and I like him behind the plate.”


OF Brad Aldred (Whitby, Ont.) Toronto Mets. 

“Good size (6-foot-2, 190 lbs.) LH hitter, real easy swing and extension.”

“Love his swing.. very quick hand! Prospect in the making.”


C Max Wright (Toronto, Ont.) Toronto Mets. 

“Has had a 1.95 pop time, playing against older players.”

“A lot of upside. He gets better every time I see him.”


OF Myles Gordon (Oakville, Ont.) Oakville Royals. 

“Athletic body with projected size and strength. Arm works real well and shows bat speed.”

“I like him. He has some tools, but am unsure if he’s a pro prospect.”

“Really liked him. Looks really good hitting and throwing. He didn’t run though.”


RHP Sam Turcotte (Toronto, Ont.) Ontario Terriers, 

“86-87 MPH, mostly 85 ... loose arm.”

“Young arm that works well. Very Raw still.”


RHP Mateos Kekatos (Scarborough, Ont.) Toronto Mets. 

“84-85 MPH, good arm action and size (6-foot-3, 184 lbs.)



Ontario Blue Jays Clubhouse

(Mississauga, Ont.)

2014 (three months away)

OF Gareth Morgan (North York, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian Junior National Team.  gareth morgan

“Morgan looked like Morgan, big league cage BP, we still need to see it in game. Can he do it? That’s the million dollar question.”

“Looked outstanding, has made some adjustments and finally using lower half and staying in zone longer.”

“Looked good in the batting cage, showed bat speed & power.”

“Swing is as good as I have ever seen it (mind you the cage has never been an issue for him).”

“He changed where he starts with his hands, looked good.”


RHP Zach Pop (Brampton, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian Junior National Team. 

“Had good FB, showed life topped out at 91 MPH.”

“My guy right now, has slimed down, he was 89-91, had him at 92 2-3 times.”

“His two seemer was best of all pitchers I’ve seen in this draft and was 87-88. Needs to keep working on change up.”

“Was 90-92 from a lower slot than before and gets good run. Showed near avgerage slider.”

“91 MPH velocity. Needs to work on secondary stuff.”

“Looked good threw 89 to 91 MPH.”

“Looked good ... slider was better than last year. I see him as a good reliever in pro ball.”


RHP Skyler Janisse (Maidstone, Ont.) Academically ineligible to pitch for Central Michigan, eligible for draft. 

“87-89 MPH.”

“Likely a sign as Keaton Briscoe was at UBC.”

“Will bear watching.”


INF Robert Byckowski (Etobicoke, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian Junior National Team.  

“Staring to come around.”

“Pretty much picked up where he ended in the fall, driving ball. What I’ve seen over winter, he’s turning himself into legit 3B whereas before there were doubts.”

“Showed bat speed and power, looked good in the batting cage.”

“Great Hitter. Not sure of his position.”


C Owen Spiwak (Mississauga, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays. 

“His swing is much looser than last year, better bat speed. Had two good cage sessions.”


2B-OF Zac Orchard (Cambridge, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays. 

“Athlete, plus runner with power. Converted catcher learning new spots.”


2015 draft (15 months away)

1B Josh Naylor (Mississauga, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian Junior National Team.  josh naylor

“Always fun to watch him swing it, swung it well in cage.”

“Has cleaned up body significantly from last season.”

“He looked good in the cage. Nothing we haven’t seen from him before but pretty impressive to say the least.”


C Darren Shred (Brampton, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian Junior National Team. 

“Has a really, really good arm, a plus, plus arm.

“Similar to Chris Leroux at the same age. If he hits he’ll catch, if he doesn’t hit he’ll have a home on the mound.”

“Just might be a better prospect long-term than Naylor. An athlete with plus arm and power.”

“Didn’t look as good as I’ve seen him before but he’s good some good tools.”


RHP Cole White (Brampton, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays.

“83-84 MPH.”

“Like his frame, I see him throwing 94 MPH some day. He has the strength to get there.”


INF Royce Ando (Mississauga, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian Junior National Team. 

“Will be a solid college player.”

“Showed strength and power indoors.”

“Looked solid all around.”


LHP Isaac Anesty (Guelph, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays/Canadian Junior National Team. 

“Was 85-88 with plus curve.”

“Good looking arm.” RHP Liam Munshi (Mississauga, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays.

“83-86 with plus everything. Velocity should come, excellent arm path and mechanics. Tall, lean and projectible.”

“86-87 MPH on the gun. Good change up.”


RHP Nathan Arruda (Brampton, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays.

“Live arm with a good feel for his secondary pitches.”


INF Elliott Curtis (Waterloo, Ont.) Ontario Terriers. 

“Left-handed hitter, smooth actions in the field.”

“Good looking ball player.”


RHP-OF Josh Cunningham (Brooklin, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays.

“Just starting to pitch 87 MPH. Loose arm.”

“Converted outfielder ... only threw fastballs but his arm is electric.”




2017 (34 months away)

SS Ryan Kula (Etobicoke, Ont.), Etobicoke bantams.

“Left-handed hitter quick bat body type strong like bull (5-foot-10) good swing quick hands. Son of Roman Kula.”


Centre Field Sports


2014 (three months away)

OF-1B-LHP Mitch Bigras (Sarnia, Ont.) Great Lake Canadians/Canadian Junior National Team.  mitch bigras

“Has bat potentional and fills it up.”

“Touched 84-85 throws three pitches.”

“Will be one to watch.”

“Unsure what he is as doesn’t display bat or arm speed, but he’s huge with physical upside. Likely a pitcher. Was 84-85 with good curve ball.”

“I love this guy, I hope the we get him in the draft.”


OF-RHP Tristan Clarke (Brampton, Ont.) Great Lake Canadians/Canadian Junior National Team. 

“One to watch along with Bigras.”

“An easy 88 MPH, effortless arm.”

“More advanced, more upside on mound. Repeatable fluid delivery with clean arm. Up to 89. Still raw.”

“Swung the bat OK. Ran 6.95 60.”

“I like this kid a lot. great swing, a lot of speed and he was 87 MPH off the mound.”


RHP Danny Marquez (Cambridge, Ont.) Great Lake Canadians/Ontario Nationals.

“88-90 MPH, good curve.”

“Was 88-89 MPH,every fastball from a high 3/4 slot with average curve and change. Generates good down plane for a not overly physical pitcher.”


3B-OF Austin Guzzo-Foliaro (Brooklin, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays. 

“Similar to Matt Rogelstad, does some things well, but needs a position.”

“LHH with power, not as much upside as Byckowski and Morgan but will be an excellent pro guy, one of the best hitters in country.”


C Travis Wacker (Oakville, Ont.) Field House Pirates.

“Plus runner, speed is getting him noticed. Average arm, hit well in cage sessions.”

“Can really throw. From Dallas area. Showed strong arm, bat is coming.”

“Showed bat speed & power. Plus arm & accurate on throwing to second. 1.85 release time. Chris Robinson would love to work with him.”


INF Mike Moffatt (Waterdown, Ont.) Great Lake Canadians/Canadian Junior National Team. 

“Has raw tools, need to see how he does in a game.”

“Looks good, can run, physically interesting.”

“Showed good bat and power, ran the 60 yard in 6.85.”

“Garnered a lot of attention. Hit well and ran a 6.87 60 yard dash.”


OF Austen Swift (Etobicoke, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays. 

“Has gotten stronger, can run.”

“Switch hitter with power from right side. Good blend of speed and power. Limited experience - new to baseball.”


OF Drew Simmons (Woodbridge, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays. 

“Has improved since Mizuno camp.”

“Projects well, LHH with power and speed. Very raw.”


2015 draft (15 months away)

RHP Tyler Whitbread (Camlachie, Ont.) Great Lake Canadians. 

“Good curve ball.”


RHP Michael Brettel (Fonthill, Ont.) Great Lake Canadians.

“88 MPH, good frame (6-foot-3, 190 lbs.)

“Competitive basketball player. Big, tall and athletic (6-foot-3). He was 86-88 and had a good feel for his breaking ball. I think he will climb this list over the next year.”


RHP Matt Szabo (Sarnia, Ont.) Great Lake Canadians.

“87 MPH.”


2016 draft (22 months away)

3B Cooper Lamb (Burlington, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays. 

“Big (6-foot-3, 215) and he’ll get bigger ... broad Scott Thorman like shoulders.”

“Big, physical prototype pro 3B. Looks like he’s made a big leap forward with bat. Has been a plus defender and displayed that in London next day.”


C Luke Van Rycheghem (Kent Bridge, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays.

“Conversion guy, new behind dish. Big, physical LHH with huge power. Threw poor this day.”


C Tony Hrynkiw (Brampton, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays.

“Showed power and plus arm from squatty body. Very similar to Jordan Wideman.”


C Reese O’Farrell (Burlington, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays.

“Displayed plus arm but struggled with bat. Very good defender.”


RHP Nicholas Virdo (Brampton, Ont.) Brampton Royals 

“Good size (6-foot-4, 170 lbs.) 83-84 MPH, great sinker, loose arm.”


2017 (34 months away) 

OF Cooper Davis (Mississauga, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays.

“Lot of potential and upside here, can really run another Jacob Robson?”

“Premium bat speed and plus plus runner.”

“Looked like he’s taken a bit of a step back but he’s young and it was February.”


INF Adam Hall (London, Ont.) Great Lake Canadians. 

“Plus plus runner with a little pop from small frame.”

“Ran a 6.6. Looked great in the cage. Fielding has improved a lot. Great ball player.”


SS Bryce O’Farrell (Burlington, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays.

“Showed excellent bat speed and power indoors. Showed good hands but we’ll below average arm.”


OF Lucas Parente (Burlington, Ont.) Ontario Blue Jays.

“Little guy also with plus speed and very good bat speed.”


RHP Hunter Spoljaric (Lisle, Ont.) Great Lake Canadians. 

“84-85 MPH.”


(Guzzo-Foliaro, Davis, Lamb and Bryce O’Farrell attended both London and Mississauga camps).


Vauxhall Academy

(Vauxhall, Alta.)

2014 (three months away)

LHP Ben Onyshko (Winnipeg, Man.) Vauxhall Jets/Canadian Junior National Team. 

“Really good 88-90 MPH, with a good breaking ball.”

“Touched 90 MPH which I had not seen before.”

“Was par for the course, what I expected.”


3B-RHP Nolan Bumstead (Calgary, Alta.) Vauxhall Jets/Canadian Junior National Team.  Nolan_Bumstead_ad_hoc

“86-88 MPH, and hit well.”


LHP J.P. Stevenson (Hunter River, PEI) Vauxhall Jets/Canadian Junior National Team. 

“84 but threw well, struggled with curve ball.”

“About what I expected, par for the course.”


RHP Jesse Borden (Dartmouth, NS) Vauxhall Jets.

“85-87 MPH, threw well


C Bradyen Resch (Saskatoon, Sask.) Vauxhall Jets. 

“Put on a display with the bat.”


2015 draft (15 months away)

Jackson Wark (St. Albert, Alta.) Prospects Academy/Canadian Junior National Team. 

“Had a good day, 87-89 MPH with a very big upside.”

“Touched 89 MPH.”


2016 draft (22 months away)

RHP Josh Burgmann (Nanaimo, BC) Vauxhall Jets. 

Was very good, 86-87 MPH with 3 quality pitches.”


Duvernay Fieldhouse, Seaman Stadium

Okotoks, Alta.

2014 (three months away)

RHP-INF Matt Lloyd (Calgary, Alta.) Okotoks Dawgs/Canadian Junior National Team/C-Iowa Western.  matt lloyd

“Was 88 MPH on mound, with effective off speed as well, fielded and hit with improved power.”

“The best from the west.”


RHP Spencer Horne (Cornwall, PEI) Okotoks Dawgs. 

“85 MPH, showed poise and very effective downward movement with off speed.”


INF Dane Tofteland (Grande Prairie, Alta.) Okotoks Dawgs.

“Showed very well. Very quick hands and feet for 6-foot-4 (210 lbs) frame as well. Arm and bat both were complemented for making huge improvements over last year.”


2016 draft (22 months away)

C-INF Peter Hutzal (Calgary, Alta.) Okotoks Dawgs.

“87 MPH, as well showed very good power for his age.”


2016 draft (22 months away)

OF-INF Clayton Keyes (Calgary, Alta.) Okotoks Dawgs. 

“Showed very well throwing and offensive potential. At 5-foot-11, 200 lbs. very impressive size strength and speed. Looks like a running back because he is a running back.”