Podcast 42 - Who is Joe Siddall?

Hosts: Peter Bean (@Beannation) & Andrew Hendriks (@77hendriks) Guest: Joe Siddall, Radio Broadcaster for the Toronto Blue Jays

In this episode of the Podcast Peter Bean and Andrew Hendriks speak with the newest member of the Toronto Blue Jays broadcast team Joe Siddall. Joe will be joining Jerry Howarth in the broadcast booth this season as his new partner on the Jays radio broadcasts. The announcement was confirmed Saturday.

In the interview Joe shares the story of how this process got started with an email from Howarth offering condolences for the loss of his son Kevin. He also tells us how Bob Elliott’s and Alexis Brudnicki's pieces on the Canadian Baseball Network played a role in leading him to his new role. Joe also discusses his time with the Expos and being the catcher for Denis Boucher’s debut in Montreal. He also talks about his time working for the Detroit Tigers and throwing BP to Miguel Cabrera.